To give you a rough idea of how the week works, there are classes every morning from 10am until 1pm.  There is a 1 hour lunch break, then more classes, workshops and the 'come and meet' sessions, where guest tutors are interviewed by our own Bruce MacGregor, before opening the floor to you, the audience!

As if that wasn't enough, there are concerts on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, and hosted sessions nightly! evening!

So your week will probably look Something like this: 

10am                                  All Classes
11am                                  Coffee/tea break
11:15am                           All classes
12:30pm                           Lunch
13:30pm                            Arranging/Improvisation/Masterclass
3:30pm                              Groupwork
5pm                                  'Come and Meet' sessions
6pm                                    Dinner
7:30pm-late (early!) Concerts and sessions


Start & Finish Times

Registration will be open from 9.00am on the Monday

Classes start at 10.00am every day, except on Monday when they will begin at 10.30am

Classes finish on the Friday at lunchtime, with rehearsals in the afternoon for the group performance in the evening and the ‘big picture!’



All information is on the Home Page of this site. You're only a couple of clicks away! 

Playing Standards

Although classes are organised by ability, participants are welcome to swap around once they arrive - the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in class!! Unfortunately we don't cater for absolute beginners, but as long as you know which way to hold a fiddle, and roughly where to put your fingers, you'll be fine! Most classes are taught by ear, with sheet music available at the end of the week. Tutors will set aside time in each class for those who wish to record the tunes/techniques taught too, and remember - the most important thing is to have fun!!