Tickets on sale Thursday 31st January 2019 at 6pm

Blazin' in Beauly is a week long event, running from Monday-Friday, with classes, talks, workshops, masterclasses, concerts and much more! We have a range of tickets available for the week - please read descriptions below before ordering.

All Inclusive:
This tickets grants you access to all Blazin in Beauly classes and concerts throughout the week

Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri Classes Only:
This ticket grants you access to all classes/talks etc on the given day, but not the concerts.

Concert Tickets Only:
This grants you entrance to all evening Concerts/Ceilidhs throughout the week.

Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri Concert Only:
This grants you entrance to the evening concert on the given day.

Class Levels - where do I go?

The fiddle classes at Blazin' in Beauly are split into 5 abilities, from 'Gentle Paced' to 'Advanced'. The approximate standard for each class is as follow:

Gentle Paced:

For those who can play a couple of simple tunes at a slow pace. 

Lower Intermediate:

For those who can play a few tunes through at a relaxed pace with some basic slurring. Should be reasonably comfortable playing in A major, D major and G major.


For those able to play reasonable number of tunes at a steady pace, with some simple bowing and ornamentation. Should be reasonably comfortable playing in A major, D Major, G Major, A minor, B minor and E minor.

Upper Intermediate:

For those comfortable playing a range of tunes at a good pace, with reasonably fluid bowing and ornamentation. You should have a reasonable knowledge of the various Scottish tune types, and be fairly competent in most common Key signatures.


This class will go at a very fast pace, and will include a range of keys and positions, intricate bowing and ornamentation - not for the feint hearted!


Adam's guitar class will be aimed at an upper intermediate to advanced level and will be in standard tuning. Participants should already have an understanding of basic chords. We'll look at flat-picking (playing the melody on the guitar) as well as accompaniment styles and rhythm work.



We will spend the week mostly looking at piano accompaniment for tunes. During the sessions we'll go over how to build chords, what inversions to use, techniques to predict what chords work with different tunes & rhythm ideas for reels, jigs, marches and waltzes. We'll also spend some time learning a few tunes together and how to accompany them yourself. 

It's a really relaxed class and one that I can adapt to individuals needs as the week progresses.   

All levels welcome. 
*you'll need your own keyboard

What if I pick the wrong level?

There's nothing worse than realising the class you've signed up for is either too hard or too easy, so if you think you might be in the wrong class, you are more than welcome to move up or down. If in doubt, speak to one of the tutors, or our team of Volunteers, who will be more than happy to help you decide - we want you to get as much enjoyment out of the week as possible! 

Also, don't worry if you don't quite have every note, slur, ornament or technique at the end of the classes - all of these things can be worked on at home. We'll have all the music up in the 'Dots etc" section as the week progresses, and you're more than welcome to record/film in class*.

*for personal use only (no youtube!)